Update : August 2023

The Westminster Centre for Research in Veterans have now closed data collection for the Forces in Mind Trust funded study entitled ‘Understanding the impact of serving within the UK Armed Forces for the West Indian and Indian sub-continent veteran and their families’.

The research team generated substantial interest in the study and received a wealth of rich data through the questionnaire and interview process.

They would like to thank everyone who has given up their time to participate and to all those that have expressed interest in the study. The next phase is well underway, and this is the consolidation of data into the final report, highlighting key findings and suggestions for future action to help support these veteran communities. For more information then please visit our website here where full details of the study can be found, and the final report will be viewable once complete.

If you have any questions, do let me know.


Kate Sawyers
Administration Assistant

University of Chester
The Westminster Centre for Research in Ageing, Mental Health and Veterans
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Society
Riverside Campus, Castle Drive, Chester, CH1 1SL

The Westminster Centre for Research in Veterans at the University of Chester is currently conducting a research study called ‘Understanding the impact of serving within the UK Armed Forces on the Indian sub-continent and West Indian veterans and their families’.The team would like to gain an understanding of the lived experience of those veterans who are of minority ethnicity but have served with the British Armed Forces, and to understand both the positives but also the challenges that they and their families have faced.

They are currently looking for veterans from any ethnic minority to complete a short online questionnaire, which should take no longer than 10-15 minutes and can be accessed by clicking on the link below or by scanning the QR code on the (attached) recruitment poster.

They would also like to interview veterans with Indian sub-continent, West Indian, African or Fijian heritage. This usually takes no longer than 60 minutes, can be conducted via an online meeting platform, and there is a £30 gift voucher to recompense for their time. I am pleased to confirm that The Forgotten Generations will be working alongside the University of Chester for this part of the research process. As an extension of the work he already carries out, Mr Donald Campbell will be helping the Chester team to conduct interviews due to his extensive military experience and knowledge, and his wide-ranging links within veteran communities.

Together, we have already started to receive a wealth of rich data, but we still need to reach out to more veterans. Are you a veteran and would you be happy to share your story with us? Do get in touch if you would like to find out more. You can contact us on or

Below is a little bit more background information on the study:

There is a shortfall in research regarding the UK Armed Forces and ethnic minority populations even though we are aware that such populations are higher users of veterans specific mental health services and are also overrepresented in the Service Complaints system. Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) awarded a grant to us at the University of Chester’s Westminster Centre for Research in Veterans to conduct research into the experiences of black, Asian, and minority ethnic veterans and their families. The study will use questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups to understand the motivators behind why black and Asian communities choose to join the British Armed Forces, remain and ultimately their reasons for leaving. The aim is to understand experiences of health, housing, employment, education, and service life including integration, benefits, challenges and what can be improved.

The study will help those working with these communities to gain understanding and awareness of the health and social issues experienced by such communities in the Armed Forces and help shape policy in health, local authorities, the MOD and charities.

You can also find more information about The Westminster Centre for Research in Veterans on their website here.