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As a member you will support the cause and help to share the stories of The Forgotten Generations

Benefits of Membership & Donation

Mission Statement

The Forgotten Generations (TFG) is an initiative to record visual and oral and written stories of the early and later years of individuals from British African & Caribbean Countries and also any who would like to share their experiences of their years of separation from parents/children due to immigration, colonisation, repatriation etc.

By backing TFG you are helping to maintain and promote the history and culture of British African and Caribbean Countries and anyone who would like to share their experiences. Highlighting their achievements, importance and the way of life.

The primary output is the TFG Website which offers a readily available source of information.

The team running this organisation comprises of dedicated individuals that are offering their time and resources. About Us – The Forgotten Generations.

The Work of the TFG has been featured on TV (BBC, ITV, Local TV) as well as on radio and in newspapers. TFG has received an award for its work within the community The Forgotten Generations – Points of Light.

Environmental consideration: TFG executive members meetings are conducted via zoom meeting. TFG is also committed to develop online and virtual solutions wherever possible.

Members of TFG are normally updated at least one per month with additional items to the website and any other relevant diary dates and information.


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