Fundraiser – Trustee

Bevil Williams is founder and CEO of RE-PC Ltd, a Midlands-based IT recycling and repurposing social enterprise set up in 2003. Bevil is passionate about the role that better IT infrastructure play in the global development of education and healthcare.

RE-PC has provided hundreds of thousands of PCs to schools, universities, libraries, healthcare facilities and other community organisations across the UK and many developing countries, helping millions of individuals around the world to have access to technology that changes lives.

Changing lives underpins the work of RE-PC and Bevil’s 30 years experience in the sector has seen him involved in numerous projects that have helped shape IT infrastructure in the UK and in developing countries addressing the digital divide.

Bevil’s intimate knowledge of the unique issues that underserved communities faces in acquiring affordable IT equipment has enabled him to pinpoint exactly where the problems are and how to forge the best relationships to deliver the technology, and solutions required to make a real difference.

Throughout the COVID 19 crisis, Bevil has played a key role in assisting schools, businesses, local authorities, and community organisations with solutions to staying in contact under lockdown and the delivery of affordable IT equipment to enable them to do so.

Bevil has also received many prestigious awards for his ground-breaking work in education, IT waste recycling, environment, and entrepreneurship.