Children of the Sun School

West Midlands Police

Hi Don,

On behalf of West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit I wanted to say a huge thank you for your session on Friday 14th May.

It is unusual to find a speaker with such a unique story and for it to delivered with such poignancy, humility and relevance.

It was absolutely our honour to host you, and, if we can support with any of your other projects in the future please contact me and I will absolutely seek to assist with your efforts.

Please take 2 minutes to receive the attached feedback from our staff as it is clear that you have made a real connection that has impacted on them both personally and professionally. There is a real feeling of warmth, sincerity and genuine appreciation that I think you can take huge pride in achieving. Cops can be a cynical crowd at times so I am really pleased that you were able to connect in such a meaningful and positive way.

I hope you enjoyed the session also and wish you all the very best in all of your endeavours.


Great input and as a former neighbourhood officer who is proud of the area its always good to hear of the successes and positive news. From a diversity point of view it really helped me to put myself in his shoes and saw the challenges faced

I thought Don was a legend. A gracious and experienced gent, who shared his story and experiences articulately. Useful to hear his views, and note that he felt positive role models were much needed to resolve inequalities in the workplace.

Really interesting and educational. Thank you to Don for taking his time to share his perspective with us.
This was very insightful and it is great to hear of someone who is not part of the police family as it give different insights. Great to have Donald sharing his experiences!
It was really interesting and enjoyable talk. He was a captivating speaker and really positive and motivational.

What an inspirational man. Really good to hear from someone that has forged a path and worked his way to the top of his organisation in a difficult environment. Such a positive person that continues to use his knowldge and experience after retiring

A great input which was really thought provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Donald speak and his recollection of events personal to him were fascinating. An informative input which led to further discussion after the session. Thank you.


Dudley Probation Service Black History Month

27th August 2021

Dudley Probation work colleagues with 139 (Jamaica) Squadron Royal Air Force Standard

Donald Campbell & Chantelle Campbell with 139 (Jamaica) Squadron Royal Air Force Standard

Feedback from Probation Staff and Management

Very interesting account. He really enlightened me on what is was like for a black persoservin ng in the RAF in those times

Chantelle, Probation Practitioner

It was very fascinating to hear his stories about his experiences first hand

TT, Senior Probation Practitioner

I thought it was really informative and very thought-provoking.. It was very cool

Georgia, Case Administrator

Meeting Donald provided insight into life in the RAF. I was not aware people from the BAME community held these positions

Subira, Probation Practitioner

It was inspiring to hear a first-hand account from someone who has fought for something they are passionate about and to hear how he overcome prejudice. Nevertheless he is still willing and able to share and pass on his experiences to educate others. It provided an interesting perspective

Daniel, Probation Practitioner

The British West Indies Regiment Battle Standard with Ethnic Diversity posters

Guest Speaker

Caribbean Island decorated cakes provided by caterer Yvonne along with her other excellent Caribbean dishes

Holyhead School Remembrance Service

28th August 2021

Holyhead School Remembrance Service led by Head Boy & Head Girl with Donald Campbell retired Warranty Officer RAF

Left to Right Holyhead Head Girl, Donald Campbell, RAF Veteran & Holyhead Head Boy

Explanation and demonstration of history of 139 (Jamaica) Royal Air Force Squadron

Holyhead School laying of a wreath in memory of those who served an those who are still serving

Poppies representative of Servicemen and women

Remembrance Day is a great way for us to discover and learn the history of the country we live in

I will cherish this mesmerising experience

This event was very eye opening, interesting and such a pleasant experience

Lots of cultures and religions came together to remember those who have passed away while fighting for their country

It was a great honour to meet Donald Campbell and pay tribute to those who served our countries during the war. I also enjoyed working alongside our new Junior Leadership Team

I was honoured to lead this event as my first act as head girl. It was amazing to hear the stories from our special guest. I loved taking part in this event and would love to do it again


Help us record stories of the early and later years of individuals from British African & Caribbean Countries who would like to share their experiences of their years of separation from parents/children and what happened next.