World War 2 Veteran Mr Albert Jarrett

Royal Air Force

Natalecia Ford-Stewart

Royal Navy

Mr Frank Gentles

MSc APPCP, BSc (hons)

Anthony Walters

Director, Stanfield Care Services Group

Tony Douglas

Ramon Burrell


RAF WW2 Veteran Prince Albert Jacob saw it as his duty to help to defend Britain in its time of need

A Chat with Sandy Joseph about her path of life as a British Caribbean Brummy

Jordan Dawes, Royal Marines, Shares his experience as a mixed heritage British Caribbean gentleman

 Clifton Powell, Artist, who was selected by King Charles to commission a Windrush 75 Portrait

Catching up after 50 years by 3 church brothers

Caribbean Veterans Ena Collymore Woodstock, Albert Jarrett & Donald Campbell meet on Log Book Journey

Alf Allen story Episode 1

Alf Allen story Episode 2

Madge Milligan-Green

Move with Madge

Yewniece tells her Story –  November 2021

Meeting Mr Stanley Francis age 100 World War 2 Veteran Royal Air Force

Viv Townsend Senior Probation Officer

Meeting of Caribbean and UK based World War 2 Veterans Ena Collymore Woodstock age 104, Haynes Cyril age 100, Albert Jarrett age 97, 2021

A chat with Mr Alford Gardner World War 2 Royal Air Force Veteran

Decima Francis MBE – Her Epic Life Experiences

Pastor Gilroy Brown Mount Shiloh Church Wolverhampton takes us on a trip down memory Lane

Effiom Whyte & Ricka-Ann Miles link with The Forgotten Generations as Mentor and Mentee

Dad Gavin Campbell, Mom Tina Campbell, and Son Trayvan Chat with Grandad Donald Campbell

Church Sisters Cynthia Spence and Phyllis Thompson unite for a chat

Heights of a Veteran Woman with Major Lewin – Nov 11th 2021 CVMTV

Owen Bernard Army Veteran, Northern Ireland and Falklands on the Frontline, tells it like it was

Amanda Epe, Author, Director and Producer, sharing some of her life experiences

Jonathan Kruger shares his experiences and jaw-dropping chats he had with World War 2 Veterans in Zambia Part A

Jonathan Kruger, Kitwe, Zambia, gives a visual tour of his outstanding military museum Part B

Eddy Smythe (son of World War2 Veteran Aircrew Johnny Smythe) Chats with TFG

Romel Davis, Youth Outreach Worker, Citizens in Policing Department, Nottinghamshire

Paul Ramsey, Entrepreneur, Black Country Born and Bred, Shares a Part of his Impressive Life Journey

Sonya LaTouche, Teacher, Councilor and Foster Child

Ben Amponsah, Former and First Black Army Officer, Royal Tank Regiment, now a Psychotherapist

Ralph Ottey, Jamaican WW11 Veteran and Extraordinary

Veronica Pickering, Executive Coach and Mentor , Child Protection Consultant, Honorary Air Commodore

Dawn Walters, daughter of Lancelot Mcfayden WW11 RAF, shares some of her life experiences

Mark Johnson, Ex Military, Business Owner, Historian and very Keen Charity Worker

Mother Francis reliving her years her years from childhood in Jamaica to now Birmingham England 2023

Sonia Thompson experienced a difficult marriage, disloyal business partner, yet she found a way

Winston Jones stuck in Jamaica for 10 years, after a 2 week holiday, due to immigration issues

Merris Longstaff Part 1a

Merris Longstaff Part 1b

Merris Longstaff Part 2

Dawn Hutchinson


Help us record stories of the early and later years of individuals from British African & Caribbean Countries who would like to share their experiences of their years of separation from parents/children and what happened next.