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The Forgotten Generations
1933rd. Albert Jarrett – 1934th. Donald Campbell
Albert Jarrett, aged 98, and Donald Campbell, from Birmingham, are RAF veterans who founded ‘The Forgotten Generations’, a charitable archive and resource highlighting contributions by British African and Caribbean people to the UK and Armed Forces.


Black History Month: ITV News Central Report on The Forgotten Generations Project

Johnny Smythe

The Log Book Project, Remembering Johnny Smythe, WW11 Veteran

Jimi Olubunmi-Adewole

Remembering Jimi London Bridge Rescuer Being Called a Hero is Overwhelming

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt Still Can’t Believe This

Dr. Willard Wigan

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How This Guy Makes the World’s Smallest Handmade Sculptures

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Image Credit: Juanita Richards/The Observer

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Your Home Entertainment the UK’s 1st Pioneering ‘Black Owned’ Online Virtual Cinema

King Mansa Musa I of Mali

Meet the Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Divided by Race, United by War and Peace

Reyna Reports: new film tells untold tale of Caribbean heroes – Sept 2015

Patrick Hutchinson

Patrick Hutchinson on making the news after BLM rallies |GQ Men of The Year

Royal Marines and The Windrush Generation

Royal Marines and The Windrush Generation

John Mulinde

A Pastor Has a Chilling Encounter With Jesus Himself Who Delivers an Urgent Message

African Country Richest Men

Richest Man in every African Country

Jamaicans in Britain

Jamaicans in Britain Book Launch

Black on Black Violence

How Tribal : Black on Black Violence was deliberately created by Apartheid government

African Community Service and Sacrifice

Mr Albert Jarrett World War II Veteran RAF, Nominated Baton Bearer Featured on Midlands Today TV


Siddis: In It For The Long Run | Unique Stories from India

Joseph Laroche

Untold Stories of the Titanic: The only Black Passenger

Felix Dexter Douglas

Felix Dexter BBC TV tribute

Felix Dexter Douglas – The Roots & Culture Lawyer


Sunday 24th April – Jamaica60 Launch – Bishop Dr Daniel Vassel Sr. NTCG Handsworth

Introducing the new Mayor of Wolverhampton – Cllr Sandra Samuels


Akala – Full Address and Q&A – Oxford Union


100 Things You Didn’t Know Were Invented By Black People

George A. Roberts

George A Roberts. Soldier, Firefighter, Londoner

Kenneth A Forde MD, FACS, FASCRS, FACG

Icons in Surgery: Kenneth A Forde MD, FACS, FASCRS, FACG

Rev Dr Carver Anderson

In Conversation: Rev Dr Carver Anderson is an executive director and co-founder of the charity Bringing Hope

Loveful Heights

Loveful Heights Loads Rockers 1978 Full Jamaican Movie

Peter Komolafe

Financial Literacy and Wellbeing with Peter Komolafe

Racism Impact on Children

Viola Davies shares a post on Instagram. How colour is viewed in the eyes of children


The World needs to know that the tea exported from Kericho, Kenya, is blood tea


Bonds of Promised Land – A Chinese Jamaican Story

Germans in Jamaica


Jamaicans Share Their Story of Escape From Ukraine

Medical Student Describes Her Appalling Racism Experience at Ukraine Border Crossing

Black Power

Black Power: British Story of Resistance – BBC

Black Power: A British Story of Resistance – Winston Trew

Black Power: A British Story of Resistance with Director George Oponsah

Black Power: A British Story of Resistance (Full documentary)

Major Helda

Major Helda Outside N Musta Podcast Jamaica JDF – Episode 1

Major Helda Outside N Musta Podcast Jamaica JDF – Episode 2

Windrush Arrival

Windrush Intolerance

A Comical Birdseye view of some Windrush people

Windrush Black Businesses Tan Rosie Windrush ITV News Central 2023

Windrush Monument

Pride of place for Basil Watson’s Windrush monument at Waterloo station

A monument designed by the Jamaican sculptor Basil Watson will be erected at Waterloo station in London as a tribute to the Windrush generation.

The 12ft-high statue, chosen from a shortlist of four designs, will be of a man, woman and child dressed in their Sunday best and climbing a mountain of suitcases hand-in-hand. It will be unveiled on Windrush Day on June 22, 2022.


Falklands Commemoration Event at the National Memorial Arboretum

Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett is the 29-year-old Founder of the social media marketing agency Social Chain. From a bedroom in Manchester, this university drop-out built what would become one of the world’s most influential social media companies when he was just 21 years old, before taking his company public at 27 years old with a current market valuation of over $600M.

How We Built A $200m Company At 27 Years Old

Beverly Manley

THE BLACK QUEEN : Beverly Manley Uncensored : An Intimate Portrait of an Jamaican Icon

Beth Rigby speaks to Festus Akinbusoye, who came to Britain as a 13-year-old migrant and went on to become Britain’s first black Police Crime Commissioner

Kehinde Andrews

 “Racism is as British as a Cup of Tea” Kehinde Andrews Say Many Black Brits Don’t Mourn the Queen

World War I

UNREMEMBERED: Why David Lammy wants black World War 1 soldiers to receive equal recognition

Cllr Jackie Taylor

Cllr Jackie Taylor, Deputy Mayor, Sandwell Borough Council, first Black Councillor in Sandwell

African Millionaires

African Millionaires in America

Adele Jones

Adele Jones – Huddersfield University (friend of Lemn Sissay) AFRICA AS ONE COUNTRY

Dr Umar Johnson

Dr Umar Johnson On China Controlling Jamaica and Jamaican Politicians Selling Out The Country Pt.1

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. explains why black Americans face more obstacles than white European immigrants

Martin Forde KC

Key Note Speaker Martin Forde KC @BMH Civic Launch Event for Greater Manchester 2022 Caribbean & African Health Network


Grenada, Bank of England and Slavery : KrisMGvlogs


Israel’s new Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land

Kingston, Jamaica

DID YOU KNOW? A World War 2 CONCENTRATION CAMP, in Kingston, Jamaica


How Argentina Erased it’s Black People from History


Gravitas : A ‘whites only’ town in South Africa

Bennie Bronzes

Western reactions to Bennie Bronzes : Civilisations – BBC 2


Interview with ex-mercenary with South African organisation SAIMR

Jamaican Prime Ministers

Fascinating Unknown Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Every Jamaican Prime Minister

Black History Month

Black History Month, Royal Air Force Marham 19 Oct 2022

Jamaica, Antigua, Barbuda

Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda May Cut Ties to British Monarchy; Renew Call for reparations

Mr Guy Bailey

Mr Guy Bailey’s (OBE) ‘Letter of Apology’ Presentation

Congo & Ghana

Millions of innocent people were murdered in The Congo and Ghana By The Belgium 🇧🇪 Dictator Leopold


Top 10 Largest Caribbean Diaspora Around The World and How They Are Doing

Top 10 Most Educated Caribbean Countries and Best Caribbean Universities

Caribbean Association of Military Professionals(CAMP) Honouring Our Veterans: Sunrise:CVMTV

Why would anyone want to live in Africa?

The Deep : Walter Rodney and the Development of Africa

Dr. Claud Anderson

Step by step reparation

Brown Babies

WW2 Brown Babies : A little know part of British 20th Century History: BBC World Service

Brown Babies : The Misclingskinder Story

British Racism

Racism is as British as a Cup of Tea” Kehinde Andrews Say Many Black Brits Don’t Mourn the Queen

Is It Offensive to Quote Churchill?

Crescensia Garcia

Social media post helps woman discover her grandmother’s World War II past


Spoken Reasons: Man Invents Machine That Turns Air Into Drinking Water

Photo Credit: The Black Women in Tech

Madison Berkeley

#IAMWOMAN Nicole’s story

Photo Credit: Madison Berkeley

Photo Credit: Champions the Speakers Agency


Help us record stories of the early and later years of individuals from British African & Caribbean Countries who would like to share their experiences of their years of separation from parents/children and what happened next.