The Forgotten Generations
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Donald Campbell, Warrant Officer Royal Air Force (Retired), founder, Director and trustee of The Forgotten CIC. Other trustees includes Albert Jarrett World War II Veteran and Barbara Campbell
trained dietitian and Psychiatric Nurse (retired).

The Forgotten Generations(TFG), founded June 2021, is a not-for-profit organisation with aims and
objectives to provide historical and current information of British African and Caribbean people for
educational purposes.

TFG will document important evidence of individual life stories and contributions via research,
visual, audible and written recordings, including military, other professions, personnel life
experiences locally, nationally and internationally.

The path of life is often intriguing and a wonderment of our existence. The reality of positive and negative live experiences, when noted and knitted together, can be simply amazing and wholesome.

TFG aims to bring such stories to the fore from individuals of all ages, covering past, present and
future generations.

Points of Light Award

The Forgotten Generations
1933rd. Albert Jarrett – 1934th. Donald Campbell

Albert Jarrett, aged 98, and Donald Campbell, from Birmingham, are RAF veterans who founded ‘The Forgotten Generations’, a charitable archive and resource highlighting contributions by British African and Caribbean people to the UK and Armed Forces.


Help us record stories of the early and later years of individuals from British African & Caribbean Countries who would like to share their experiences of their years of separation from parents/children and what happened next.